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love you first

I don’t understand you. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know if it matters. The best I can hope for is knowing me, and loving you. It’s just a mystery. But if there is no knowing me, then … Continue reading

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Snow fog, impromptu lakes, Ruiz and equal rights

Yeah, so the arctic blast was followed up this morning with lightning, thunder and rain. This afternoon, the warm temps are wafting what snow remains into fog. Elsewhere, the melted snow is flooding into seemingly spontaneous lakes, one of which … Continue reading

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dreams return

Today as I drove along, lost in my own thoughts, humming to music on the radio, it suddenly occurred to me that I really could dream again, that parts of me were indeed  beginning to engage on dream thoughts. I … Continue reading

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whales, waterspouts, wind

So with all this sorting and packing, I am discovering all sorts of little treasures, lost memories, happy mementos. Yesterday, I chanced upon the only remaining pages of the log I kept many, many years ago when I set out … Continue reading

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on hats and self compassion

As predicted, that “arctic blast” arrived several days ago and just spread itself all over everything. The cold is permeating our lives for awhile, so that we’re very conscious of our gratefulness in those moments when we’re cozy and warm. … Continue reading

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January run

Although the proverbial “arctic blast” is apparently bearing down on us, we were gifted this morning with relatively balmy temperatures for our run. One pair of gloves even did the trick. Not bad for January running in Michigan. Still, there … Continue reading

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dream to sleep

I am enfolded in arms. The space is aching with tenderness, peace. No words are spoken. I feel my breath, warm against a beating heart. Time passes, not pushed or pulled. Muscles slowly give up their hold as sleep tightens … Continue reading

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sheet music

So in all my sorting out of stuff, my gaze traveled to my little stacks of sheet music – my fave pieces resting on the piano, and a whole stack of pages and books collecting dust nearby on a shelf. … Continue reading

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Yes. I realize I am hibernating. It’s not exactly by choice, but it is by nature. Here in Michigan, we forge ahead every winter as if nothing’s any different. But, dammit, it’s cold and it’s dark. That’s just a fact. … Continue reading

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thinking of Aaron

I have been reading today about the death by suicide of Aaron Swartz. This amazing person was only 26. He was obviously gifted, and apparently burdened with a sense of responsibility to our community, in the broad sense, that he … Continue reading

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