car stuff

ImageI have noticed a trend with guys working on car projects. There’s generally tools and nuts and bolts and duct tape and parts all over the place. I bet you’ve noticed it, too. ahem. There’s usually a little metal dish or a turned over hub cap with a bunch of little parts in it. I must have seen these car scenes a million times over the years. But today, I had a rather freeing thought about it: It’s the same thing as sewing.

That little pile of parts in the dish probably looks pretty good to the wrenching guy. He knows what the parts all are and what he’s going to use them for. He’s guarding them in the dish until he’s ready to put them in place.

It’s just like my fabric and scissors and needles and pins. When I look at my little stash of felts and the various colors of threads, hey, that’s a good feeling. It makes me happy to do the work of designing, tracing, cutting, sewing. I love the potential I see in my little stash of stuff – just like the car parts in the dish. Check it out, I bet it makes you happy, too.

Believe it or not, I have a hard time giving myself license to work on these projects. I have discovered, however, it is essential to my emotional well-being. (Car stuff probably is to car guys, too.) So, even if it’s just a little bit, I am trying to find time in my day to pick up my sewing work. To me, my sewing is a creative art.

In other matters, it was a fantastic blue-sky, sunshine day today! It was windy and cold, but the sun eclipsed all that for me. Spent about an hour on a good brisk walk, even singing out loud to myself at one point. I came back with a new knowing, and some settledness in my mind about where I’m headed.

Tomorrow, it’s my favorite run of the week – Saturday with my running group.

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