Snow fog, impromptu lakes, Ruiz and equal rights

IMG_7248Yeah, so the arctic blast was followed up this morning with lightning, thunder and rain. This afternoon, the warm temps are wafting what snow remains into fog. Elsewhere, the melted snow is flooding into seemingly spontaneous lakes, one of which is in my front yard, and others which are stretching across the roadways. Although the roads are for the most part clear, my driveway is a slippery, wet, icy mess. When I went to leave this morning, I backed up, applied the brakes, and …just… kept… going. Thought I would crash into something, but managed to avoid it. Ah, the joys of Michigan winters.

I was supposed to run with my buddies today once the lightning subsided, and I was all prepared to do it. Looking forward to it, in fact. There is nothing I like better than feeling all intrepid by running in weather. Nevertheless, power was out in some places and one of my buddies couldn’t get out of the garage and well, you know, …. run was cancelled. I suppose, I suppose I could have run anyway, but it just quashed all my ambition,

My thoughts are all over the map today. One is on a book I plan to read shortly, inspired by (thank you very much) a post from the delightful Disashi Soul. I like the premise of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz as described on Amazon. 1. Be impeccable with your words. 2. Don’t take anything personally. 3. Don’t make assumptions. 4. Always do your best.  What’s not to like? I will read the book, and let you know.

IMG_7251Another thought on my mind, of course, completely unrelated. That would be the 26th Amendment to the Constitution. When I was in my teens, I remember campaigning for this constitutional amendment. I remember that with soldiers dying in Vietnam, it did not make sense to me that some of them never had the right to vote in the country for which they died. Others felt the same way, and ultimately the amendment giving the right to vote at 18 was ratified and adopted.

Okay. I still have issues. This time it would be with our inability to ratify and adopt the simple language of the Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA has languished for decades as our country can’t quite bring itself to say, “Yeah, we’re all equal.”  Really, what is wrong with us that we cannot, in all these years, manage to say that our constitution views us all equally, regardless of gender? It makes me feel embarrassed, ashamed for us. Everyone likes to act like we have this great, forward-thinking country, and yet the very basis of things is flawed because we can’t handle a simple step like this. And yes, this is on women as well as men.

Women, where are our voices? We’re a little more than half of the population of the country. We have jobs, we parent, we fight and die for our country, and yay, we can vote, but our own constitution stops short of acknowledging we are equal. The fact that the language as been on the line for decades but couldn’t quite get ratified tells us that at least some people believe we are not equal, and by their ability to hold sway, we are not.  Well, come on. This is just asinine. We may have ways we’re different, but we’re all people here.

Perhaps rather than attending Super Bowl parties we should be out campaigning for this very most fundamental issue that affects us and our progeny. How is it that we can all rally around inane things like the Super Bowl, but there’s precious little momentum for our rights, or for peace, justice, you know, that sort of thing?

This is not to disparage the efforts of those who do have the courage and focus to be out there on the issues, but it is a call for the rest of us to wake up.

And yes, there are plenty of men who get the equality issue. Nevertheless, all I keep hearing on this subject from the male, ahem,  leadership in this country is the furthering of crap legislation that is actively anti-woman. That would be from every level of government, including my own and other states’ shameful efforts against women, allowed to move apace despite pushback from the electorate. What the hell?  Or how about religious leadership that actively seeks to put women down and essentially, do them harm? Yeah, the Catholic male-led hierarchy may be leading the pack in this, but they have plenty of company across the board in organized religion. It’s. Not. Okay.

Find your voice. You can sign the petition to support the ERA here. It’s fundamental. It’s what civilized people want, male or female.

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