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by a thread

Last night dreams just seemed to tumble through my head one after the other, rich and crazy and busy and wild.  I didn’t get up and start writing any of it down, but I wish I had, because it seems … Continue reading

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writing, and not

And then I wonder why I can’t write. I mean, it’s what I do. I can’t really help it. I write. And write.  In all this sorting through of things, it’s just astonishing the myriad and disparate wanderings of my … Continue reading

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no crime in dreaming, a valentine

What with all the on-going sorting (yes, I am still sorting), I came across this little item, a poem I penned for Valentine’s Day in what was obviously another life. Despite knowing what I know now, and despite everything that … Continue reading

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on the road

I nervously but happily wend my way down I-75, south, heading into Ohio. I have a couple of ramps and a box of straps stowed in the back of the pickup, lent to me by my buddy just before I … Continue reading

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around the clock

It’s one of those kind of calls no one likes to get. Where something’s wrong. Where it’s wrong enough that you know maybe the day will end with someone else not in it. Someone important to you, perhaps dear to … Continue reading

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free to leave

The snow stole in overnight and neatly laid down about a half a foot of snow all over everything. The wind followed, shaping drifts and rearranging the landscape. It carried on through the morning. I looked out my window, and … Continue reading

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pony circles

I come walking  up from the ditch at the back of the field. As I catch up to the paddock fence,  I see the two misfit ponies watching me. They stand still and stare at me, side by side. I … Continue reading

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