no crime in dreaming, a valentine

skyWhat with all the on-going sorting (yes, I am still sorting), I came across this little item, a poem I penned for Valentine’s Day in what was obviously another life. Despite knowing what I know now, and despite everything that transpired since those early, deluded days, it still made me smile. No crime in dreaming.


The sun-blue ocean washing over white warmed sand
A soft breeze that fills the sail
Fresh cut daisies in a happy hand
A purring cat encircled by its tail
… you are these to me.

A free fluffy cloud in a bright sky
A pair of eyes behind blades of grass
A joyful heart breathing a contented sigh
The sound of skates on moonlit glass
… you are these to me.

The star in the sky that I wish on at night
The airplane I watch ‘til it goes out of sight
The soft grey dove that coos to its mate
Your soul in your eyes on our wedding day
… you are these to me.

The love that you show
The ways you make me know
Smiles, laughter, kisses, hugs
A dream I can hold in my arms
… you are these, and so much more to me.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.

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