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good things

My little metronome goes beep beep beep, and my feet keep time with it. It’s the perfect cadence, and everything just works. I feel like I could just go and go and go. Why oh why have I not been … Continue reading

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beyond that

It’s kinda crazy that I have to pick up and move and start a new job in a new place and not know anyone at all in order to find out that everything is exactly the same. And so, one … Continue reading

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I know you’re there. I wish I could be to you all that you are to me. You are wise. You are safe. You are more than enough. You are full of untarnished love. You are rock solid, forgiving, accepting. … Continue reading

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march eight two thousand one

We had named it long before we ever set eyes on it. To the boys it was a certainty; to me it was just a dream. Then, one day we drove by at 55 miles per hour. It was AW … Continue reading

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