I know you’re there.

I wish I could be to you all that you are to me. You are wise. You are safe. You are more than enough. You are full of untarnished love. You are rock solid, forgiving, accepting. You are unconditional. You love the question. You encompass. You have a smile inside.

I know you do.

I am glad I am in this place. My world is cracking, like an egg. It hurts, but it feels good, too. It’s dangerous. Everything is unfolding. This is a beginning, it’s a step. Everything is different, but it’s all the same. My eyes are opening. You are there.

I could fail at this. If I do, though, it’s just because there’s another step to take. I think I will do okay, but there’s still another step coming. I can feel it. These are all big steps. You are on my path because you are a big step soul. You are my partner in this. You get it.

But surprise. I now understand that I am on your path. For a reason. Wow.

And so, yes.

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