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discipline, and the lack of it

Running makes all the difference. Running, for me, is not merely exercise, it is meditation, restoration, prayer, and creative inspiration. All that is not to mention fresh air, community, goals, and accomplishments. Nothing but good things come to me from … Continue reading

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let go

In that mystical pre-dawn time, I lay wakeful. The cat slumbers, loosely pressed into the bend of my knees, feeling warm and present. My eyes are open to the dark. I slowly see more and more as they adjust to … Continue reading

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on september 11

It is a day that cannot come and go without reflection. Some of it takes me by surprise, as I go about the business of the day. Snippets of memories, sadness, wistfulness capture and take hold. Just writing the date … Continue reading

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Woolly Bear on the move

You know Mother Nature is at work when you go to place your foot on the trail and there, poised unwittingly directly in the path of your oncoming sole, you find a Woolly Bear caterpillar inching its way along. The … Continue reading

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peace on the plate

So, apparently, just a few weeks ago was about the time the little turkeys were born who will be featured on plates across the USA come the holidays. Personally, I do not want to see another feeling being with whom … Continue reading

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lions and tigers and bears, oh my

The mission was to try out a new trail. I headed out to a large wooded area with trails, just on the edge of town. It looked beautiful. The trail cut through a hilly area covered in trees. I trotted … Continue reading

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walking buddies

Flora bounds out the door, and flies as fast as her little feet can carry her out across the grass. I trot behind her, letting her lead the way. She zooms along like there’s no tomorrow until all of the … Continue reading

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something beautiful

It is easy to lope along the path and not really see anything in particular. Eyes focused on the ground ahead, everything else is peripheral. Whole days pass in similar fashion. You stay focused on what needs to happen, where … Continue reading

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The rain clears, and I am out the door. My feet carry me along the city streets. It’s a sleepy place this morning, but it’s still too much city for me. “The world is too much with us,” I hear … Continue reading

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you are here

Today, it’s raining. It’s one of those light, steady rains that’s not going away. Having recently reached an agreement with myself to get outside and walk or run every day, I pull on my windbreaker and head out. The river … Continue reading

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