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building community

As difficult as it is to watch the Squirrel Hill neighborhood come together in their grief, it also reminds us of what community means, and of the power of community. Protestors in Pittsburgh carried signs with messages like, “We are … Continue reading

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doubling down on healthy habits

With the arrival of cold and wet weather, the indoor heat and all that, I lately found myself – yes – doing battle with a cold. I haven’t had one in a long, long time. And this is not how … Continue reading

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rain run

It starts out as just a sort of misty sprinkling. About the end of mile two, it’s a full-on rain. Since it’s about 40 degrees out, I wear a couple of layers, including my windbreaker, along with a hat. And, … Continue reading

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step into the light

Who is not weary with the state of our world these days? Another week passes in which violent acts and the rhetoric of violence, hate, and fear ratchet up yet further. My heart breaks for the victims and their friends … Continue reading

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New kicks

It was time. There were just so many miles on my beloved running shoes. I mean, we were totally bonded. All that bonding took its toll. My bedraggled, worn out shoes originally came into my life as a delightful surprise. … Continue reading

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sunshine and shadow

A really nice run late in the day. It started out kind of rough. I was really aware of how closed and tight my body was feeling. I focused on relaxing. I paid attention to my breathing. My mind was … Continue reading

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Super tired this evening, but I made myself lace up and get out the door anyway. The brimming moon showed itself as I made my slow progress, filling me with a happy wonder. Here and there the autumn leaves lit … Continue reading

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simply connected

Out the blue, an old friend calls after many months. It’s as if a lifetime happened in the interim. There’s not much bother catching up, because who can explain all that? And does it matter? Not really. Because what matters … Continue reading

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Antiwar/Peace initiative gears up this weekend

Peace. What a concept. This weekend, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and many other peace-minded souls are participating in the Women’s March on the Pentagon.  The event brings focus to the wars and militarism that we fund and in which we participate … Continue reading

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remembering who you are – the toolbox

I still struggle against unhealthy patterns learned early on in life and in a long-term abusive relationship. The objective is always to remember who I am, and to honor that. That’s not always as easy as it might sound. There’s … Continue reading

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