simply connected

veru10_22_18.jpgOut the blue, an old friend calls after many months. It’s as if a lifetime happened in the interim. There’s not much bother catching up, because who can explain all that? And does it matter?

Not really. Because what matters is the connection, the recognition of another soul that is still somehow kindred despite time and distance and perspectives.

Thank you, kind friend, for reminding me. The experiences we shared, our reflections then and now, burbled right back up to the surface. The simple recollections of our shared past are like little bells sounding a joyful alarm.

That was you. That was me.

That is you. That is me. Still. How easily time slips through our hands but look at the amazing constants! 

And thank you, too, for acknowledging our differences – we certainly had them then and still do now. Somehow, we transcend them.

After all, even in our differences, we ultimately share the same concerns.

Don’t we all?

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