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kindred spirits

I enjoyed a happy moment yesterday with the discovery of a kindred vegan spirit. Chance threw us together. We were making friendly small talk. As time passed, we discovered more and more shared likes and experiences. Finally, as the conversation … Continue reading

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Always together. Silly, goofy, playful. The occasional tiff. Immediately forgotten. Staunch advocates. Shared concerns. Curious. Rambunctious. Excited about life Or napping.

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epic journeys

I stumbled upon a surprising and happy memory the other day.  Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia popped up in a post on Glenn and Lynn’s engaging Just A Bit Further blog. I crossed paths with Peggy’s Cove many years ago while … Continue reading

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the world we want

What would the world look like if it was actually built on compassion and cooperation, instead of greed and competition? And why isn’t it? Why are we all bound to a system that serves us so disproportionately, often runs counter … Continue reading

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storm warnings

After our balmy weekend temperatures in the 40’s, the snow had all but disappeared. Mother Nature has taken care of that overnight, laying a blanket of snow on everything. Still, as I peer out into the early morning darkness, it … Continue reading

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a different path

After some pretty frigid temps, there’s been a nice respite in the weather. It felt good to get out on the city park trails which wind along next to the river. Didn’t even wear a hat. In the summer, the … Continue reading

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lone vegan attempts to cook again

Even though I have a lot of interest in nutrition and eating healthy, I struggle to make myself cook. I’m fine with breakfast and lunch since I long ago established go-to meals that are easy and quick to make, without … Continue reading

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waking up, bit by bit

I always feel like people are waking up. I seem to see it and feel it around me more and more. I read about folks living minimalist lifestyles, tiny houses, sustainability, simplicity. People seem to be more conscious of inequality … Continue reading

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a gentle hug

So, Thanksgiving. I can tell because when I went to do my shopping, the store was positively throbbing with people and angst. Oh, and there were a lot of frozen turkeys. As we launch the whole holiday season, I cannot … Continue reading

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slow motion

Wasn’t feeling the greatest this weekend, so my runs ended up being walks. Yesterday, in an effort to feel better, I tried mixing it up by walking more in the business area of town, but it kind of backfired on … Continue reading

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