earth on edge


I love nature. I love the ever-changing skies, both night and day. I love this amazing earth upon which we live – the trees, the plants, the animals, the entire amazing array of diverse, mystical life that grows here. I love the waters of the earth – the soul-rushing oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, and creeks.

I love people. I love the profound mystery that each one of us is. I love recognizing the us in us – that we are connected, that we necessarily and purposefully share this space and the very experience of life. I love our unique capacities for imagination, creativity, understanding, discovery, embrace, cooperation. I love the power of love.

And so I’m worried.

Last week, there was yet another major report out about the state of our planet. The World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Report 2018 advised us of a “60% decline in the size of populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians” during the period between 1970 and 2014.

That’s life on earth – disappearing.

Even in the small samples of our planet that I personally experience, I have noticed things changing in my lifetime. The numbers and diversity of birds, bugs, and other animals has demonstrably changed – even in my own small experience.

The destruction and pollution of habitat is also all too easily observed, whether that’s the vast tracts of monoculture farmed lands, the Superfund site in the vicinity, or the knowledge of PFAs in the water.

This does not bode well for us.


We need to stop destroying our planet and the life on it. 

There are things we each can do. Yes, ultimately, we need to hold corporations and governments to account, but corporations and governments depend on us. They depend on us – and so far, we’ve pretty much been delivering status quo.

When we alter our behaviors on a big scale, change will eventually ensue. Couple that with persistent, coordinated, non-violent demands, and change will definitely ensue.

A logical first impactful step is to move toward a plant-based diet.

Industrial animal agriculture is one of the things at the heart of destruction on our planet. Deforestation, pesticides, herbicides, the depletion of our soils and pollution of our waters keep happening because of what we choose to eat and the corporations that are intent on delivering it at the best possible profit.

While easing the pressure on our earth by changing our diets, this step will also help to end the suffering of animals and improve individual health.

Of course, there are other steps to take as well, but this is one practical, doable thing you can do today.

When one thoughtfully changes their diet this way, and gets educated, it necessarily changes perspective on political, social, and economic issues. The whole world looks different. It is a powerful and empowering move towards peace, justice, and equality.

It’s one thing you can do.

Do it for nature. Do it for people.

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