slow motion


Wasn’t feeling the greatest this weekend, so my runs ended up being walks. Yesterday, in an effort to feel better, I tried mixing it up by walking more in the business area of town, but it kind of backfired on me.

The businesses, mostly closed, looked sort of dreary to me. Even the Christmas decorations looked depressing. I ended up just feeling cold and kind of unhappy. I dejectedly gave up and headed back home.

This was a complete surprise to me because, normally, getting myself in motion improves everything in my world. I couldn’t quite believe it.

As I got near home, I decided to give it one more shot by doing one of my routine routes – a route where I know every tree and bump in the road.

That did the trick. I was into it for just a few minutes when everything started clicking again. Yay!

I ended up feeling a lot better, both physically and mentally. My spirits perked up and I felt a little energized for the first time all weekend.

I think perhaps that the key was feeling a little more connected to nature. The more urban environment I tried at the start just didn’t speak to me like the trees on my regular route.  

I had a heck of a time making myself get outside at all in the first place. Feeling fatigued and just a little under the weather were great excuses to stay inside and lounge around. Nevertheless, experience has shown, time and time again, that getting in motion just plain makes me feel better – and it’s good for the soul, too.

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