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revelry and resolutions

New Year’s Eve. Revelry accompanied by hopeful resolutions. When I was a kid, we always put a cabbage on the table overnight, with silver coins. This apparently ensured that we would have both food and money for the coming year. … Continue reading

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change must be

I remember it with both joy and melancholy. I was finally preparing to leave. Everything was just about packed up. The house was already taking on that empty feeling. It was getting down to the wire, just days before saying … Continue reading

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geese I hear them coming over the tops of trees I begin to see them the long, trailing vee so high wings waving over the silent snow I lift my hand toward them I wish you well, wise ones more … Continue reading

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just a few kind words

Just a few kind words. It could make all the difference to someone. A simple thank you might mean more than you know. A gentle query about how one’s day is going, or how their holidays have been, might, just … Continue reading

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cogs in the machine

Just watching things happen in the world is really not enough. We are flooded with information day after day after day. It is fruitless to allow ourselves to be simply overpowered by the sheer relentless, unceasing bulk of it, and … Continue reading

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tracks made

Christmas happened, and now the focus shifts to the new year. The news media helpfully supplies us with recaps ad infinitum of what went down in 2018. It isn’t pretty, either. Nevertheless, they will rush us along toward Times Square … Continue reading

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So here we have arrived at Christmas Eve. Whatever form the holidays take, whatever it means to you, I wish you joy, and wonder, and love. For those who are sad or lonely or depressed, I am talking to you, … Continue reading

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finding serenity

Once again, CalmKate has gone and made me very thoughtful about things. Her Friday Foto Fun prompt topic is “Serenity.”  She asks us to seek out a photo that represents what serenity means to us. Her own photo shows a warm, … Continue reading

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Tear it down the castle with the flag waving the men at arms the turrets the stones the moat the bridge built by peasant’s back and on the backs of peasants standing rend the ermine robes melt the crowns strew … Continue reading

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be amazed

I know dogs get all the credit, and I don’t begrudge them that, but when it comes to unconditional love, this dude right here is all over it. Honest to Pete, he’s an angel and a teacher with love from … Continue reading

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