a precious gift


I have had to let go of many things that mattered to me. Learning to really let go of them has been a long and difficult lesson in my life. Out of that process, though, I have distilled the things to treasure, the things that really matter – and they are few.

This weekend I enjoyed that precious gift of simple time spent with a loved one. It fills my heart and goes beyond. To love and to feel love, to accept and feel accepted – no strings attached anywhere – is the very essence of life.

To walk in easy understanding together through a snow-blanketed woods, sharing moments of mystery and wonder and joy  – simply perfect.

To laugh in comfortable, non-judgmental conversation over a cup of coffee in a cozy spot – sublime.

To discover another facet of the ever-unfolding, sparkling gem that is you  – amazing.

To see the world get bigger and more beautiful because you open yet another door for me – phenomenal.

To be able share this journey, without pretense, with absolute safety and trust, I have no words.

To see into your smiling eyes, to put my arms around you and hold you tight for even a moment –  I am just so deeply grateful.

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