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embracing the polar vortex

The snow flies around me, tracing wild paths through the air. The wind sweeps it over and down the roof of a house, and then, up, up, and it suddenly swirls into a small tornado – fast and fantastic. I … Continue reading

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NO. No. No, and no. The United States has exactly no business inserting itself into the sovereign affairs of Venezuela. Who in this country is not weary of the endless meddling, suffering, and loss of life corporate/government interests have fostered … Continue reading

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This is my earth. Grasses that lay back in waves undulating with the wind. River rambling, then skipping, talking to me, whispering, laughing. My arms go around the mountains and cradle the oceans. Birds sail in a dance with my … Continue reading

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the power of positive feedback

My new ukulele now sports two bright-colored ribbons. Every time I look at it, I cannot help but feel a little burst of inner smile. Yup, I showed up for the music shop’s beginner ukulele club this week. I had … Continue reading

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look up

For you the stars shimmer and dance in the blueblack sky if you would but once look up to the heavens and see them. The shooting star traces its exuberant arc but you never see it your wish unmade. Your … Continue reading

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peace, love, music

Biting cold and snowing. You know, a typical January day in Michigan. Of course, I was out in it. Walking seemed like a safer mode of transit than driving, anyway. When I set out, I didn’t have a big agenda. … Continue reading

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stand for love

  We saw a lot of marching this weekend. Many people went to Washington D.C. and cities around the country to press the issues of women and indigenous peoples. Ultimately, the marching was about oppression, injustice, inequality – and shaping … Continue reading

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don’t bother

And what if there is no State of the Union address delivered live from Congress on its appointed date? I know it won’t break my heart if the words have to be delivered in writing instead – like it used … Continue reading

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coming around to a planetary health diet

It’s old news for at least some folks. A recently-released report, researched and written by scientists, suggests that our animal-centered diet is unhealthy and it’s bad for the environment in a big way. “Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission … Continue reading

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We know the absolute value of it for our children. Practice, practice, practice. Math or music or handwriting. Memorizing, anything. Sports. Languages. As adults, it seems harder to practice. Things move more along the lines of instant gratification, impatience for … Continue reading

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