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dog walks at the shelter

Walks with my canine friends at the shelter continue. There is always a need. Most of my furry buddies are pretty excited to get out into the snow, delighted to snuffle their noses a bit in the white stuff. They … Continue reading

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and… hell, yeah

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a journey within a journey snakes a path bearing hopefuls each with their own story making new stories the slow arduous ascent through the hills the frenzied rocking passage of night some sleep through the dream the rhythmic loping along … Continue reading

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the long month of february

Contrary to the simplistic assertions of the calendar, February is, in fact, the longest month of the year. Ask any Michigander. The cold, the snow, and the dearth of sunshine conspire to thwart our typical notion of time. Where once … Continue reading

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simple changes for a healthy life and world

I was happy to see a recent video in which Mic. the Vegan interviewed Dr. Dean Ornish. Mic. the Vegan always offers fun and informative presentations on all things vegan. His forte is delving into actual research to substantiate what we … Continue reading

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fear of the page

I view blogging as a practice. Kind of like meditation. Blogging involves a discipline. It helps me show up. It is a conduit to my creative self – which goes way beyond writing. It’s just the very tip of that … Continue reading

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