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making a mark

Each soul contributes. Help earth know peace and justice, she will remember.

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signs of life

Spotted this little dude while out on a freshly walkable trail. The flood waters have receded, and the snow is mostly gone, so it feels good to get back out there. The sun was shining on the little muskrat, lighting … Continue reading

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ukulele update

I am still happily wending my way down the ukulele path. I managed to graduate from my beginner group, earning a full set of ribbons, a nice whack at the gong, and – very cool – a nice strap for … Continue reading

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a work of art, in progress

Out roaming the local trails, I came upon the bit of graffiti pictured above. I couldn’t help but appreciate the intent, despite the misspelling: “Live your life like a peice [sic] of art.” Still, it somehow missed the mark, and … Continue reading

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cold wind blows over brittle blankets of old snow soon to melt with spring

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truth and transparency

Unbelievably, unthinkably, reprehensibly – Chelsea Manning is once again jailed. This news flits across the feed and is quickly buried. But we ignore this story at our peril. Chelsea Manning is a truth-teller. In this latest go-round, she is again … Continue reading

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of animals and ecosystems

Wolves were airlifted into the US from Canada at the end of February to bolster the wolf population in Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park. The purpose is to help control the moose population there. This week, though, we heard that … Continue reading

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think equal: International Women’s Day

Today marks International Women’s Day. It may have escaped notice, but as recently as yesterday, a push to make Arkansas the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment was killed in committee. The initiative seeks to amend the Constitution … Continue reading

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the hand in the work

The stitches in a quilt made by hand speak out loud. They document a story, or at least some portion of a story. The threads are the evidence of individual effort – of a person’s intention, their hand hovering over … Continue reading

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doodles: earth haiku

earth clothed by God’s hand we pull threads, seams come undone leaving only rags

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