signs of life


Spotted this little dude while out on a freshly walkable trail. The flood waters have receded, and the snow is mostly gone, so it feels good to get back out there.

The sun was shining on the little muskrat, lighting up his pretty fur. He busily munched on something while I stood not far away watching.

Later, I surprised two deer in the woods. Further on, I spotted two more deer across the river from me. We all studied each other intently before they decided they would go ahead and dip their noses into the water.

During my walk, I also noticed all the birds singing, and caught sight of that proverbial harbinger of spring in Michigan – the robin.

I love all these joyful signs of life. Yay for spring!

6 thoughts on “signs of life

  1. Amen, Nancy. And not a bit too soon. Sounds like a nice trail that you have discovered. I like trails that are closer to nature with animals. They make my runs almost meditative.

  2. Awww; how cute that little guy is! I like to see Squirrels, Rabbits, and little Field Mice when I’m out walking; plenty of Robins here in GA and I have been seeing those since early Feb.I think they mean an early Spring….today you wouldn’t think so, a little brisk outside!
    I love Spring!!! It’s my favorite Season!!! I also saw an Owl in a high tree outside my window one morning. The birds are singing and the season is here with the trees and flowers budded and bloomed in some cases; ah, so lovely. Thank you for sharing your trail walk!

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