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Her wrinkled fingers almost claspthe small bouquet of flowerstwo white ribbons trailing across her laphands tremblingeyes alight above a skewed smile he stands tallwith hunched shouldershis body fraila boutonniere gaily affixed to his lapelhis visage solemn but amused they forged … Continue reading

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born of air #WritePhoto

Looking out from my perch, I could see the makings of an abundant day.  My eyes turned back toward Volanta, yet asleep with little Piscea snuggled up beneath her mother’s wing. I tried to capture all the details of that … Continue reading

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a mystery to me

In the midst of the myriad urgent issues facing our nation and world, we lately learn the Trump administration is taking time to broaden rules regarding the hunting of bears and wolves in Alaska. They are revising public land rules … Continue reading

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the naturalist approaches, his hand splayed out in front of us showing four distinct pieces of a porcupine’s scat. he urges us to keep an eye on the trees. we all scan the forest as if the porcupine is right … Continue reading

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peace officers, not police officers

George Floyd is dead after police responded to a suspected forgery. Floyd’s is yet another unpardonable story of a black man succumbing to death under brutal and disproportionate police response.  Such handling should be unheard of, but somehow none of … Continue reading

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before the light comes

The birds begin to sing before the light comes. The voices reach me through the windows opened to the soft rustles and creaks of the dark hours. They pierce the magic time of furtive shadows, clear and urgent and free. … Continue reading

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for life

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go ahead and ask

At this point, we all have a lot of questions. We have all heard conflicting stories. Fear may keep someone in a strident mask-bound stance, but even they cannot help but have doubts. And that’s as it should be.  There … Continue reading

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chance #WritePhoto

Leaning over the rail, I look down into the water — the bird nesting in the reeds, the turtles sunning on the half-submerged limb. The greening and growing around me hiss with life. I am almost startled by your whisper … Continue reading

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time for a new party

It was only early March when the Super Tuesday coup saw Joe Biden, the candidate who hardly bothered to campaign, magically sweep up rival candidates, votes, and endorsements. Then, suddenly we were all caught up in the pandemic vortex, and … Continue reading

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