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narrative of fear

Some days I wake up scared. I wake up not having a clue what’s going to happen next. Or worse, maybe I do. Everything feels a little out of control like I need to hold onto something.  Seems like things … Continue reading

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defund … something?

We have seen a lot of protests. We have seen statues pulled down, institutions renamed, products scheduled for rebranding. We have seen a lot of discussion, a lot of reading, a lot of educating.  What we have not seen is a … Continue reading

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glyphosate and critical thinking

So maybe some people noticed the more-than-ten-billion-dollars Bayer just agreed to pay out in order to settle thousands of outstanding lawsuits. This involved litigation relative to its subsidiary Monsanto’s product, RoundUp, which contains glyphosate, among other things. The lawsuits had … Continue reading

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I notice the shadow falling over the afternoon. I pause, wondering. Then, a long, rolling rumble of thunder confirms it. I feel both a tension and a peace, and I’m not quite sure how that works together.  The weather moves … Continue reading

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considering the food on our plates

We don’t like to think about it very much. We are pretty good at avoiding thinking about the lives and deaths of the animals that we eat or use for food. It is indeed a difficult subject to contemplate, and … Continue reading

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music returns

A few days ago, the Hermit Poet over at Edge of Humanity Magazine posted a link to Stevie Nicks’s 1981 song, “Leather and Lace.”   I couldn’t not listen to it, right? And it’s been with me ever since. I … Continue reading

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bon voyage #WritePhoto

She looked up in November and saw they were leaving. The geese flew, silent against the grey sky, headed for their winter home. She lifted her mittened hand and waved. “Au revoir!” she called out to them. “A bientot!” she … Continue reading

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deep summer means going down to the pond in the early evening to wait for the meteor shower. we all roast marshmallows over a sleepy fire. dragonflies flit past. conversation drifts soft and sparse. on my blanket i stare straight … Continue reading

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mosquitoes and beyond: NO to GMO

So now we learn a company called Oxitec is getting ready to release 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes in Key West, Florida, starting this summer and carrying on through 2022. They plan to expand the experiment to include Harris County, … Continue reading

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fear culture: not a marker for good health

As we go back to ‘normal’, whatever that was (scratching head), it turns out there’s nothing normal at all.  Everyone is skittish and leery of each other. All of our cultural activities, aside from protesting, are gone. It’s no fun … Continue reading

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