there to squander

Born to love and care,
born reaching for it
wailing for it
certain of the mission.
Born knowing that much.

There to squander,
no shortage of supply
like dandelion seeds on the breeze
it goes everywhere
and nowhere too.

See how it changes
the world in little ways,
a smile here
less worry there.
More often, it works in bigger ways,
tilting one’s globe
and painting it colors.

Occasionally given away only to find
it just sits
undisturbed, unopened, unseen
or deliberately cast away.
Who could have so much
they would want no more?
Who could spurn the very breath of life?

No matter.

Born to love and care.
Keep lavishing that currency
near and far.
There is more than can be spent.

Here you go, please have some of mine,
there’s more where that came from.


2 thoughts on “there to squander

  1. Nice Nancy. Your poem reminds me of the John Milton‘s quote: “Good, the more communicated, more abundant grows.“ We can certainly use more in times like now.

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