open wide the doors

open wide the doors
this one and this one and this one
and don’t forget that one
open them wide, fling them, waste no time
nothing is forbidden.

you don’t even remember
what you left inside there
you can’t quite recall
the delight the surprise
the warmth of each treasure.

each one locked away
safely hidden behind the doors
while you manage the mindless particulars.
i am that little devil on your shoulder
here to tell you the truth though:

you are running out of time.
forget about the heavy wagon you keep pulling
just leave it in the road, right there, for now
and run to those doors
open them all, now, 

while you still can.

2 thoughts on “open wide the doors

  1. Agnes Dodge

    You write so well. Do you write for Medium? They have a publication called The Friday Fix where they do stories under 50 words. I think you’d probably do well there! 🙂 I can’t write just 50 words… 😦

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I have thought about writing for Medium, but so far have not. I appreciate your suggestion. Maybe I will give it a try. Thanks! 🌷 💖

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