Carter should have known better.

I had been on the top secret VxVy project for three years. VxVy was the reason I got up in the morning. It’s all I ever thought about. Even though my main area of expertise was propulsion, I understood every system on this special bird. And everyone was well aware of my photographic memory.

I knew in my bones that VxVy was the ticket to the future. We all knew it. This was the vehicle that would get us off the planet and not just into outer space, but into a whole new space time reality. 

I wanted to be the first one there, but would just have to watch. It was just 18 hours before the big moment when our pilot astronauts would finally board VxVy and make history.

That’s when Carter and I walked into his office, as he double-checked one last detail.  I leaned over his shoulder as he entered the password for the ultra-classified file. And just like that, I had it, the last piece of the puzzle, the key to my dreams.

After that, it was all too easy. While everyone else was trying to get a couple hours of sleep before the early morning event, I calmly crossed the tarmac, nodding to the guards who had seen me a million times before. I slid back the hatch, climbed into the cockpit, and strapped myself in.

The instrument panel came to life. It didn’t take long before I had the engines wound up and the runway slipped away underneath me. I made a long, low takeoff followed by a steep ascent.

“VxVy,” I breathed.

I ignored the troubled radio calls from the tower. It wouldn’t be long before the chase planes showed up. 

Clearly, though, I had somewhere to be.

Armed with my new information, I input the code, my hand hovering over the last character. 

I could see the chase planes on my radar screen now.

This was it. I took a deep breath and pressed enter.

Boom. I let go of the controls and let VxVy do its thing. 


Back at Mission Control, Carter scratched his head as he looked at the radar display.

“I don’t understand it. He was just there. What’s the word from the chase crews?” Carter asked.

“They had a visual on him. And then they didn’t,” came the bleak reply.

“Sir, it almost sounds like he’s, ahem, on mission,” one of the team members said. “But how could that be? He didn’t have access to the codes.”

Carter rubbed the stubble on his chin. Then his eyes got real wide.

“I don’t know, but I think you may be right. Get the time warp team in here.”

Under his breath, Carter prayed, “Lord, I hope he got the re-entry code, too.”


This was a second little thing that came to mind after Sue Vincent’s latest #WritePhoto prompt. Just for fun.

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