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what a tabby cat knows

it comes over not quite like a squall linebut one of those loomingheaps of cloudsthat slowly moves inand the whole day gets dark maybe it’s just a careless wordthat hurtor maybe it’s that inner voicestuck in fruitless repetitionasking why or how … Continue reading

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Not gonna lie. This presidential election is a sad commentary on the American people. It is unthinkable that with all the great minds and big hearts in this country of 330 million people, these are the candidates and leaders we … Continue reading

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whimsical whiskers

whimsical whiskersmercurial moods intent observationeyes unwavering tail a’switchingready to pounce slithering sneakinghiding leaping playful rollslaughing jokes reveling in toucheager affection curled in sleeplost to dreams beautiful soulamazing friend 

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The sails gently pulled us along under sunny Caribbean skies. The piercing blue of the ocean was almost indistinguishable from the heavens above. Always one to be absolutely in the moment, Jim nevertheless took nothing for granted. “June, too soon,” … Continue reading

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It sounds so simple. It is simple. What if that ethos was fundamental to the human power structures of our globe?

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The early morning rain sings softly to me. Like a lullaby, it calls me back toward dreamtime, pulling me there with its whispery voice.  The rain suggests a pause, a delay to the usual commencement of ‘getting things done.’ It … Continue reading

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gentle color callsscent of heavenly pleasurenature delivers

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The church stood at the edge of the small business district for more than a century. Over the last decade, though, it stood empty. Each year, it grew more derelict. Today, Annie stood at the base of the worn steps. … Continue reading

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