get in and drive

For all those so feverishly jumping aboard the vaccination train, a little caution is prescribed. 

There is a reason the pharmaceutical corporations secured for themselves an absolute assurance of “no liability.” They definitely used an abundance of caution before proceeding to ensure that they would have no responsibility for negative consequences. That in and of itself should give you pause. You, too, need to exercise caution — if not for yourself, than certainly on behalf of your child.

There is a multitude of red flags on the process and the product being rushed through right now. So do your homework. Think critically.

Think as the sovereign human being that you are. Before you decide to put all of your trust in government and corporate decisions concerning your body or your child’s, take responsibility. Take responsibility for yourself, for your health. Make informed, intelligent decisions rather than relying blindly on politicians and CEO’s. 

These are entities from whom we have repeatedly seen corrupted data especially over the last months, as well as conflicting and dubious directives. Nor is the long term track record relative to vaccination unsullied. A cursory investigation will turn up plenty of troubling statistics. Even as we speak, Africa copes with a resurgence of polio entirely due to vaccination. We live in a time and a nation where iatrogenic injury, that is, medical error, is the #3 leading cause of death (according to none other than Johns Hopkins). 

It is not “anti-vaxx” to have reasonable questions or doubts about a fast-tracked, unproven treatment funded by taxpayers and produced by profit-seeking corporations with exactly zero liability for the results. The term “anti-vaxx” is cancel culture at work, a propagandized pejorative with the express purpose of shutting down healthy, critical inquiry.

So take responsibility. Start by taking care of yourself. All too often, we see a carefully masked person waiting in line to buy cigarettes, or alcohol, or all manner of junk food, then religiously applying hand sanitizer enroute to their car. So many rely on the idea that the medical industry has all the answers, but the truth is it starts with you. 

It’s basic. Good nutrition, clean water, exercise, sunlight, sleep, emotional stability. Start there, and run with it. Then do your homework on making serious medical decisions, like vaccination. Thoroughly educate yourself, going beyond the surface presentations of mainstream media. Do it while you still  can, before everything is censored.

Don’t rely on the government and the pharmaceutical corporations to come racing in like the calvary to save you from whatever the germ of the day is, to save you from yourself and the host of injuries corporations and government already impose through our water, foods, environment, and propaganda.

It’s your car. Check the oil, put gas in, air up the tires, all that stuff. Read the owner’s manual. Pay attention to it. Drive it like you own it. Drive it like your life depends on it.

7 thoughts on “get in and drive

  1. Sound advices, Nancy. Self reliance never goes out of style in my book. It is a shame that we the taxpayers fund the government, but we can‘t trust it when it is being politicized. Maybe take back the government should be one of the initiatives. Or at least hold the government accountable. We have a representative government. So start with the general election. Thanks for shariing.

  2. I believe in vaccinations (I’m married to an infectious disease specialist who knows what’s safe and what’s not). But I also believe in common sense and the current rush to deliver one to market is downright scary. I’m not blaming “mainstream media” as they are at least trying to bring credible scientists to the table to express caution. But by now, we should have developed good filters for what’s political news versus true breakthroughs. You make really great points about living healthier lifestyles. I would caution though not to make comparisons of that to a virus that we can’t combat on our own.

  3. Very eloquent points we should all consider before following blindly everything we are being told, unless we use our own critical thinking and do our own research on the evidence- based facts, not assuming that the government or the corporations know best, when it comes to our health and our bodies we should take responsibility as you mentioned here, and take the best care we can “driving as if our lives depended on it”! Thank you for such great advice!

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