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the threads are carefully snippedone by one.what remains begins to fray.the fibers spindle downto nothing,the weave coming apartuntil itjustdisappears. the earth still spins its dance.the moon laughs.the sun ever nursesthe forest floor,the moss,all the tendrils of lifepushing upwhere forgotten fibers brew … Continue reading

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we deserve better

Hell, yeah. It was a breath of fresh air to see first Tulsi Gabbard and now, yes, even Donald Trump, call out and expose the supposed Covid relief bill Congress pushed through. If it wasn’t already apparent, the approval of … Continue reading

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No matter the headlinesEarth turns as she willbreathing with the sunthe stars the moon The universe does not asktides ebb and flowleaves float on the wind mute but for the dance No matter the screens glowthe planet traces the unknownwith certaintyholding … Continue reading

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go ahead, change the world

As we all watch our leaders in Washington struggle, yet again, to bring themselves to serve the people instead of, say, defense contractors, who can help but wonder what we can do.  As we watch even the progressive “squad” demur … Continue reading

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I look up to the skyand feel my heart opento the birds silently wingingso full of grace and purpose in their mission I notice the treeswhere the squirrels rambleplayful, elfin they melt my heart into a smile On the mountain paththe … Continue reading

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2021: let’s choose health

The new year approaches. It’s the perfect time for all of us to collectively choose a new year’s resolution. What if we all agreed that 2021 is the year we get healthy? It’s not complicated. For the most part, it’s … Continue reading

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No more. Who can read of yet another person put to death at the hands of government and not feel ashamed, angry, sad, revolted? This is so wrong on every level, and it must end. These are the leaders to … Continue reading

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first star

I stand before my window, gazing out into the deepening night skies, searching for that first star upon which to make my wish. There it is — winking happily at me, as if it is not beyond comprehension in its … Continue reading

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question not

No matter the church doors shut,science is the new religion.Cover your face, humble yourself in solitary contemplation,bow in fear of the awesome power of your new god.  Believe! the white-coated preachers call.Faith and money will save you.Proffer ample gold at … Continue reading

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turtle in the pond

turtle in the pondlive freeand happywhile the sun shines downand the leaves flutter in the breezeand the fish swim byand the birds dip lowand the dragonflies skitter pastand the greenness of growing things surrounds you turtle in the pondlive free and … Continue reading

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