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that didn’t take long

It’s not like anyone could have predicted it, right? The hell with promised stimulus checks when you can go drop bombs on Syria.  It’s amazing. With the wealth of disturbing problems festering, nay, flourishing, in our country, willful destruction with … Continue reading

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fourth estate

I don’t know about you, but, for me, the news, even as it dominates our daily lives, has become absolutely worthless. It’s become nonstop coverage of government, government figures, government data, government posturing, government restrictions, government policing, government cover-ups, government … Continue reading

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just questions

What becomes of children raised in a society laser-focused on fear and separation? What becomes of people in the context of ever-deepening loss of community, connection, and culture? What happens when people lose their personal privacy, integrity, and decision-making? What … Continue reading

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vocation of angels

I have had a few angels in my life. I have some right now, I suppose.  I imagine that the loved ones I have lost must be very, very busy in the next life. It’s rather ridiculous to imagine they … Continue reading

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