milky way

Photo courtesy of Eugie’s Causerie and

summer approaches

with the promise

of those immense night skies

strewn with stars

dancing swirling 

sweeping me up

into their

inscrutable embrace


Many thanks to Eugie’s Causerie for the inspiration! “swirling”

8 thoughts on “milky way

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  2. I only know a few names of ‘local’ constellations; Last evening when we arrived home from being out – I saw Orion the Hunter. I’m guessing your beautiful sky has a different story to tell 😀

    1. I don’t know too many names, either, but absolutely delight in all the stars, and, of course, never fail to wish on the first one I see. ⭐️ Grateful for your comment – it immediately reminded me of a place I used to live where I always seemed to spot Orion right away. Lovely quiet moments.🌷

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