iced cookies

For Friday Fictioneers
100 words

Copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Mom sits in her wheelchair, frail and shrunken. Her hands and head wobble constantly with Parkinson’s disease.

I place the tray of cooled, freshly-baked cookies on the table in front of her, alongside cups of colored icing and sprinkles.

“Want to start with red?” I ask, pushing a cup toward her. She shakily picks up a spoon.

An hour later, there’s icing everywhere. The cookies are thoroughly decorated. Mom leans back, green icing all over her hair, smiling radiantly.

“Just look at those beautiful cookies!” I exclaim, just like she must have said to me so many years ago.


Thank you to Rochelle at for this happy kickstart, with the photo prompt above.

29 thoughts on “iced cookies

  1. I sooo loved this, brought tears of joy-filled memories of working at the nursing home in activities. How simple things like baking cookies and decorating them meant so very much. I just love this!

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