with the crowd

For Friday Fictioneers
100 hundred words

Photo courtesy of David Stewart

At first, it seemed like fun. We all bobbed along, each of us safely ensconced in our pandemic-proof eggshells. The crowd chattered excitedly, getting louder and louder as we jostled along. 

Total introvert that I am, I began to feel frazzled. Finally, I knew I had to flee.

Bumping into the edge, I forced my hand through a seam, scrambled out, and ran off into the darkness. I strolled along, watching the spectacle from a distance. 

That’s how I happened to see it: all those glowing eggs tumbling over the precipice down into a dark abyss, babbling into silence.


Thank you to Rochelle at rochellewiseoff.com for the Friday Fictioneers prompt!

36 thoughts on “with the crowd

  1. Dear Earthskyair,

    I’m a total introvert so I could relate to the frazzled feeling. Apparently those eggs weren’t so safe after all. I liked “babbling into silence.”



    1. So you know how it feels, that moment when you just want to run. Lol. And no, those eggs weren’t so safe. Thanks so much once again for reading and commenting and inspiration!🌷

  2. GHLearner

    Making a buck out of the the people who’ve been suffering isolation and then to kill them is the meanest of mean. Good story.

  3. One would think an introvert would be happy alone in their egg. Thankfully it was a little too much alone for her. What an imaginative take on the prompt!

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