paradise, of a sort

Every self-respecting Michigander knows how you get to Paradise.

Head straight up I-75 over the bridge, then head northwest toward Tahquamenon Falls. It’s right there on the Lake Superior shoreline in the shelter of Whitefish Bay.

There are no palm trees waving in tropical breezes. Nor will you find any cabanas along the beaches of the lake’s dark, cold waters. 

It’s Paradise nevertheless. Nestled along the “big lake” on the edges of the upper peninsula’s mysterious, beautiful forests, it’s where dreams come true with that much-needed cup of coffee, maybe a pasty, and a tankful of gas. 


Thank you, Eugenia, at Eugi’s Causerie for inspiring this little drabble with this week’s prompt, “paradise.”

9 thoughts on “paradise, of a sort

  1. Paradise is where we want it to be. My paradise is in the Blue Ridge mountains in North Georgia. Your paradise sounds lovely and so does the coffee and pastries. Thank you for joining in.

    1. I’m not sure I know exactly where mine would be. The place I wrote about here happens to be an actual township in the upper peninsula of Michigan, lol. The Blue Ridge mountains make a great paradise! Good choice!

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