We belong in this world.
We are the elk standing silent in the mountains
we are the wolf treading the darkness
the polar bear crossing the tundra
the geese winging the skies
the person walking the trail
the whale plying the oceans
the honeybee tasting the nectar.
We, we are the ones that belong here.

We belong in this world
and the world belongs to us,
not to governments or institutions or corporations,
it belongs to us.
And when those constructs
fail to serve, and worse, destroy,
we need to remember
who we are.
This world is ours.


Stand for freedom

7 thoughts on “ours

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  2. Absolutely, the world is ours. How do we take it back from those (particularly governmental) who are destroying it? Let’s start by demanding those accountable, be it elected officials, corporate executives, or institution presidents, actions to remedy the wrongs. No hand waving or lip service, but specific steps with deadlines. The time to act is now.

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