I love the way WP figures out who I am before I do. Why bother with an “About me” page? Still, it is worth mentioning here, I suppose, what I outlined in the inaugural post of this blog. That would be about how I am writing in relation to the larger goals I have for myself right now. I am being good to myself this year with:

  • A willingness to explore new ways to love myself and others.
  • License to create any which way I can whether it’s writing, or pen and ink, or textiles.
  • A return to the nutrient-rich, simple diet I love.
  • A renewed commitment to running and other exercise.

And the name of my blog derives from the clues to my goals – to remind me of them on a daily basis. Verulomar – wherein ‘ve’ reminds me of nutrition and my fave VEggies. ‘Ru’ reminds me of running. ‘Lom’ reminds me to love – myself and others. And ‘ar’ reminds me of art and creativity.

This is my path right now. I am learning self-compassion.

I am grateful that you have visited my place here on the web.

6 Responses to About

  1. calmkate says:

    self-compassion is a wondrous goal .. keep on eating well, exercising regularly and lovin you and us 🙂

  2. Margaret says:

    We have communicated several times on word press and thank you for visiting my site.
    I note that so far I haven’t responded to your About section.
    You mention that word press knows all about you but I don’t see your name so forgive me for not addressing you by name .
    I love the way you use a mnemonic as a way of describing your goals.

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