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open like the sky

My heart is soft toward so many things. My heart opens like the sky for butterflies, or purring cats and smiling dogs, for the wind in the trees, for children in their tears or laughter or deep concentration, for strangers … Continue reading

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ukulele: fun and friends

Little did I know on that snowy January day when I wandered into the music shop that the ukulele would come to figure significantly for me. And I am so glad it has. I have faithfully been attending my ukulele … Continue reading

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earth and me

I keep a wary eye on the darkening clouds as I head out for my run. I know it can’t be too long before the weather unleashes, but, damn, I need to run. So, off I go. At first, it’s … Continue reading

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walk in the forest

walk in the forest trees creak in the wind, birds sing we breathe together

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check out The Drabble

    Thanks so much to The Drabble for recently publishing my piece, “On a Sunday.” A drabble makes it happen in 100 words or less. Check mine out here:

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friend always

I miss you, my friend. You, so close,           and you, the one I will never know. I don’t know where you are. This was always the design. You are going somewhere new       … Continue reading

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notice what’s beautiful

For today, I notice what’s beautiful. The world is so much more than what turns up on a screen. So for today, I look around me and notice what’s beautiful. And it is everywhere. I notice the cat’s gentle eyes. … Continue reading

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