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you can always go home

you can always go homethe wind in the trees will sing to youthe stars twinkle their sheer delightthe sky will open wide its armsand earth lavish you with unimaginable giftsyou already know the way

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I know whyand I don’t. lots of hills on this journeyblind curvessurpriseseven as the sun rises and sets every single day encounters with the wildwith the weatherspiritsor the crazy one that accosts out of the blue still here, still on … Continue reading

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independence day

Strange times. Here we are celebrating Independence Day during a period of ever-deepening loss of freedom.  The celebration commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. A key selection from the revered document simply asserts: We … Continue reading

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sanctuary #WritePhoto

I topple recklessly down the stairs, hands flailing, no thought of falling in my panic to flee. I sprint to the door, both arms in front of me, only to find it locked. A fresh cascade of tears falls on … Continue reading

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proposed school plans — irresponsible and dangerous

The CDC and state government officials in concert with educators and administrators have developed protocols for back-to-school scenarios. Frankly, what they came up with is deeply troubling. Parents should be rising up. Schools as they are currently being envisioned will … Continue reading

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sign of spring

protected by the throngof spring’s urgent leaves and wayward branchesthe scent of the lilacssurrounding uswe two almost surprised to be aloneunder the moon’s knowing eye I climb into the swingmy long hair trailingas I lean way backthrusting my feet forwardabandoned … Continue reading

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narrative of fear

Some days I wake up scared. I wake up not having a clue what’s going to happen next. Or worse, maybe I do. Everything feels a little out of control like I need to hold onto something.  Seems like things … Continue reading

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defund … something?

We have seen a lot of protests. We have seen statues pulled down, institutions renamed, products scheduled for rebranding. We have seen a lot of discussion, a lot of reading, a lot of educating.  What we have not seen is a … Continue reading

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glyphosate and critical thinking

So maybe some people noticed the more-than-ten-billion-dollars Bayer just agreed to pay out in order to settle thousands of outstanding lawsuits. This involved litigation relative to its subsidiary Monsanto’s product, RoundUp, which contains glyphosate, among other things. The lawsuits had … Continue reading

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I notice the shadow falling over the afternoon. I pause, wondering. Then, a long, rolling rumble of thunder confirms it. I feel both a tension and a peace, and I’m not quite sure how that works together.  The weather moves … Continue reading

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