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making a mark

Each soul contributes. Help earth know peace and justice, she will remember. Advertisements

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a work of art, in progress

Out roaming the local trails, I came upon the bit of graffiti pictured above. I couldn’t help but appreciate the intent, despite the misspelling: “Live your life like a peice [sic] of art.” Still, it somehow missed the mark, and … Continue reading

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truth and transparency

Unbelievably, unthinkably, reprehensibly – Chelsea Manning is once again jailed. This news flits across the feed and is quickly buried. But we ignore this story at our peril. Chelsea Manning is a truth-teller. In this latest go-round, she is again … Continue reading

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think equal: International Women’s Day

Today marks International Women’s Day. It may have escaped notice, but as recently as yesterday, a push to make Arkansas the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment was killed in committee. The initiative seeks to amend the Constitution … Continue reading

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hands off Venezuela

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I am not my job. I am not my net worth. I am not a test score. I am not my address. You are not your sex. You are not your faith. You are not your skin. You are not … Continue reading

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somnambulism and awakening to our real, gentle selves

I am tired. Tired of all the struggles. Tired of the ongoing injustices, the continually expanding crop of manufactured crises and suffering, the harsh and divisive language that tweets from the top and reverberates through our beleaguered lives. Tomorrow marks … Continue reading

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