market day

For Friday Fictioneers
Flash fiction, 100 words

Copyright Brenda Cox

Saturday mornings, the hustle and bustle of the open air market always beckoned. Jostling my way through the narrow alley, I never failed to spot familiar faces as well as tempting items for sale. 

Buried in the midst of all the commotion, Gilly stood there in tatters, playing the violin to the enchantment of all.

Saturdays are different now. Quiet and empty. The few faces I see are covered with masks. The old crate Gilly used to climb up on for his performances sits unused. Still, I can somehow hear the plaintive notes of his strings playing for the angels.


Thank you to Rochelle at for this happy kickstart, with the photo prompt above.


A to Z challenge, theme: anatomy, day 7: G
Flash fiction, 100 words

Six months as a high raw vegan, and Corby glowed with energy. He happily kept an aggressive workout schedule, including running and strength training. Even mentally, he felt sharper and happier.

Out with old friends one day, Corby decided to cheat a little on his new lifestyle. The drinks, the potato chips, and the burger would have done the trick. He threw in a piece of pie for good measure. 

The ensuing gastrointestinal distress was convincing enough. The lethargy was the kicker though. After six months of feeling great, Corby knew the old ways of eating just weren’t worth it.


lesson learned

A to Z challenge, theme: anatomy, day 4: D
Flash fiction, 100 words

At least there weren’t any witnesses. 

Tyler sat on the pavement. He had landed awkwardly next to his car as he pulled the door open. 

Looking up and down the dark, empty street, Tyler grabbed onto the open car door and pulled himself up. That was going to hurt tomorrow,  he thought, rubbing his backside. 

He climbed in, got behind the wheel, and fumbled for his keys. Where were they?

Then it slowly dawned on him. Perhaps the ungraceful exercise that landed him on his derriere was a clue. After that many beers, it was time to call a cab.


making space

A to Z challenge, theme: anatomy, day 3: C
Flash fiction, 100 words

The warm patch of sunlight barely accommodated the tabby cat’s extravagant pose. He sprawled himself out in a giant curve, the white fur of his belly exposed. He lifted his chin, reaching for the last iota of his stretch.

The calico cat sat nearby in the shadows, longing for the sunlight.

“Hey, move over,” the calico said.

“There’s not enough room for both us,” replied the tabby drowsily.

The calico withdrew to the kitchen and leaped noiselessly to the countertop. He carefully nudged a spoon over the edge.

Tabby came running as calico headed for the little patch of sunlight.


just a little butterfly

A to Z challenge, theme: anatomy, day 1: A
Flash fiction, 100 words

Saturday arrived and Jana still hadn’t changed her mind. 

After coffee in bed, she got up and dressed. Jeans and a t-shirt. She headed out to the old truck.

Parking a few blocks away, she walked, finally arriving at a dark facade that barely took up any space among the other businesses.

Almost surprised at herself, Jana opened the door without hesitation.

The tattooist took his time, even though it was just a small work on her ankle. A butterfly.

Jana stepped back onto the street feeling strangely buoyant, a feeling she hadn’t had for a very long time. 



Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo #WritePhoto prompt

The church stood at the edge of the small business district for more than a century. Over the last decade, though, it stood empty. Each year, it grew more derelict.

Today, Annie stood at the base of the worn steps. Paintbrush in hand, a smile lit up her face as she gazed at the newly blue doors. 

With the economy finally back in full swing, she knew the time was right.

Her eyes shone with pride as she read the brightly colored sign above the doors: 


On the stained glass window, another sign happily proclaimed: “Vegan Cafe – Coming Soon!”


Yep, it’s a drabble – exactly one hundred words.

Thanks to Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo for the inspiration of her #WritePhoto prompt.

sanctuary #WritePhoto

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

I topple recklessly down the stairs, hands flailing, no thought of falling in my panic to flee. I sprint to the door, both arms in front of me, only to find it locked.

A fresh cascade of tears falls on my hands as I turn the lock and knob in a frenzy. I fling the door open with a backward glance. I bolt, sobbing and panting, into the night air.

I quickly confront the large stone wall. Like a penned animal, I scamper alongside it, looking for an opening.

Whimpering with frustration, my hand on the cool stones, I feel my way to a small portal. I lift the latch with shaking hands and push through the gate. The sound of a step on gravel snaps somewhere behind me, followed by an angry curse.

I hurtle into the darkness.

By morning, I am disheveled and exhausted, but still moving. I feel the air on my skin where my bodice is torn. I begin to think again. 

As the sun climbs higher, I finally notice the unknown path I somehow find myself traveling. Dreamlike, a sea of lavender heather surrounds me. I glance upward where a hawk soars high in the sky. In the distance, I spot a diminutive spire amidst the green trees of a valley. 

A sudden rush of gratitude flooding through me, I trudge forward. 


Many thanks to Sue Vincent for this week’s #WritePhoto prompt.