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sign of spring

protected by the throngof spring’s urgent leaves and wayward branchesthe scent of the lilacssurrounding uswe two almost surprised to be aloneunder the moon’s knowing eye I climb into the swingmy long hair trailingas I lean way backthrusting my feet forwardabandoned … Continue reading

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bon voyage #WritePhoto

She looked up in November and saw they were leaving. The geese flew, silent against the grey sky, headed for their winter home. She lifted her mittened hand and waved. “Au revoir!” she called out to them. “A bientot!” she … Continue reading

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there to squander

Born to love and care,born reaching for itwailing for itcertain of the mission.Born knowing that much. There to squander,no shortage of supplylike dandelion seeds on the breezeit goes everywhereand nowhere too. See how it changesthe world in little ways,a smile … Continue reading

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getting lost

I would be lostin that placewhere we meetwhere all of possibility shows itself,trembles with anticipated joy,rests untroubled by anxious dreams. I am lostin that placeunder the star-strewn embrace,floating on the wind,snaking like a vine wrapped around the branches of a singing … Continue reading

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a whole new kind of garden

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey gets credit for showing up and engaging with the protestors there. He’s all about police reform, just like we’ve been hearing for years all over the country.  When asked, however, he indicated that he would not … Continue reading

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on gratitude

early evening blusheswith a deepening streak of pinksun sinks into the earththe glow darkensinto inky blue therea star comes outthen another soon the heavens are an endless sweepa breath that pulls meup up upinto the mysteryaround meinside me i am but … Continue reading

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Her wrinkled fingers almost claspthe small bouquet of flowerstwo white ribbons trailing across her laphands tremblingeyes alight above a skewed smile he stands tallwith hunched shouldershis body fraila boutonniere gaily affixed to his lapelhis visage solemn but amused they forged … Continue reading

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for life

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chance #WritePhoto

Leaning over the rail, I look down into the water — the bird nesting in the reeds, the turtles sunning on the half-submerged limb. The greening and growing around me hiss with life. I am almost startled by your whisper … Continue reading

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notice what’s beautiful

For today, I notice what’s beautiful. The world is so much more than what turns up on a screen. So for today, I look around me and notice what’s beautiful. And it is everywhere. I notice the cat’s gentle eyes. … Continue reading

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