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ukulele update

I am still happily wending my way down the ukulele path. I managed to graduate from my beginner group, earning a full set of ribbons, a nice whack at the gong, and – very cool – a nice strap for … Continue reading

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still strummin’

The ukulele adventure continues. Thanks to faithful practice, my uke now sports a veritable rainbow of ribbons. I have learned a lot!! One of my friends seemed baffled that the class is taking this long. They seem to think of … Continue reading

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on the lookout for my inner singer

I can see where this whole ukulele thing is going. I successfully mastered “Hallelujah.” In order to earn my ribbon and all, of course, I had to perform it. I quickly discovered there is no performing the song just by … Continue reading

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the power of positive feedback

My new ukulele now sports two bright-colored ribbons. Every time I look at it, I cannot help but feel a little burst of inner smile. Yup, I showed up for the music shop’s beginner ukulele club this week. I had … Continue reading

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peace, love, music

Biting cold and snowing. You know, a typical January day in Michigan. Of course, I was out in it. Walking seemed like a safer mode of transit than driving, anyway. When I set out, I didn’t have a big agenda. … Continue reading

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making memories

As I perused the rich offerings of my fellow bloggers yesterday, I chanced upon a request on JPC Allen Writes to consider my favorite Christmas song as a writing prompt. My brain spent a brief moment racing through its catalog of … Continue reading

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sheet music

So in all my sorting out of stuff, my gaze traveled to my little stacks of sheet music – my fave pieces resting on the piano, and a whole stack of pages and books collecting dust nearby on a shelf. … Continue reading

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