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feeling the slow

I recently got to do a few miles on the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail. This time of year, it’s rather a lonely place, but I did spy shoe prints, bicycle tracks, and both dog and deer prints in the places … Continue reading

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hey, it’s a start anyway

New Year’s Eve day we had reports of a snowstorm moving in. So, that morning, I am happy to say that I did get out and on the move, hoping to beat the storm. During the first mile, I began … Continue reading

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winter challenges: food and running

All summer long, salad sat at the center of my eating patterns. I mean, you can pretty much throw anything in a salad, after all, and it works. It’s nutritious and tastes great. Summer did not involve a whole lot … Continue reading

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slow motion

Wasn’t feeling the greatest this weekend, so my runs ended up being walks. Yesterday, in an effort to feel better, I tried mixing it up by walking more in the business area of town, but it kind of backfired on … Continue reading

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I head out into a very grey, cold morning. At the start, I’m feeling kind of alert and crisp and on. I make myself go a different way, just to mix things up. Patches of dark on the pavement make … Continue reading

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chilly run

I admit it. I really kind of had to fight with myself today to get outside and run. But, hey, it was so worth it! At issue was the temperature. It was below freezing. Even though I fully expect to … Continue reading

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wind run

I don’t know why a windy run always takes me by surprise, but it does. Yesterday’s run reminded me, again, all about wind. There’s all that resistance as you’re heading into it, and the pleasant relief of turning a corner … Continue reading

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