look up


For you the stars shimmer and dance in the blueblack sky
if you would but once look up to the heavens and see them.
The shooting star traces its exuberant arc
but you never see it
your wish unmade.

Your eyes instead peer nervously down into the dark hole.
You keep pouring into that hole and it never fills.
You look around in the starlight
and think everything is broken
you limp with it.

Always always tending to the hollow space
wasting away with the effort.
Waves wash over you
you shirk them off, snarling,
too busy with the empty hole.

My whole body aches with this.
look up! look up!
The stars
they shine for you
they hold you, perfect, in their gaze.

Things are broken
holes are surely dug.
It’s not your fault
and you are not those things.
The stars, they shine for you.