go ahead, change the world

As we all watch our leaders in Washington struggle, yet again, to bring themselves to serve the people instead of, say, defense contractors, who can help but wonder what we can do. 

As we watch even the progressive “squad” demur from forcing Medicare for All to a floor vote during a pandemic, we wonder just what it will take to effect real change. 

Each day, as we see the President-elect prepare to nominate yet another empty-suited crony to a top position in the new administration, we struggle to know how real change, positive change will come. 

We feel powerless, helpless to change this massive system that rolls along and over so many.

And yet, it is we who really do hold the power in our hands. Short of organizing, beyond organizing, there is one simple thing each of us can do that would immediately trigger change towards the world we want to see. 

If we all really want peace on earth and good will to all beings, we will walk away from using and eating animals. It’s that simple. And it’s something any of us – yes, even you – can do.

The uncomplicated act of refusing to participate in our society’s oppression, abuse, and killing of animals on a scale beyond imagination is the beginning and the key to massive, positive societal change. 

If our society really embraces a whole food plant-based diet, we will witness profound changes in everything from much-improved health to a reversal of climate destruction (and just in the nick of time). We will break the grip of the cabal of corporations on government and in our lives.

We will change the world in amazing ways, turning toward a compassion-based way of life instead of the cruel competition that we were taught to believe is inevitable and normal. 

Cruelty, killing, impoverishment, suffering, control is not normal. Nor is it inevitable. We have the power to change it for the animals, and, in so doing, we will change it for ourselves and our culture. We will change it for our children, and theirs.

So simple. It’s something you can do. It’s enjoyable. There’s tons of support and information. Be delighted by what you discover.

YOU have the power. Step up. Go ahead, change the world.

rebels for Life


Hey, I am impressed. On Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets in the United Kingdom. They closed down five bridges in London, thoroughly making the point that they’ve got something to say.

This was a movement of the people not content with the do-next-to-nothing approach to our planet problem. The Rebels for Life have sprung into action. The Extinction Rebellion is underway.

The rebels are employing civil disobedience to force the hand of government. They say that:

Our political establishment has failed to protect its people from pollution, prevent further mass extinction of species on earth and prevent the possibility of human extinction in the near future.

They demand their government tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency and reverse inconsistent policies. They seek legally binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025. They also seek the establishment of a national Citizen’s Assembly to oversee the changes.

There is a lot of energy around the Extinction Rebellion (XR for short). This is regular folks who are worried about the world, especially for their children and their children’s children. You can bring your kids up thoughtfully and carefully, feed them all the right foods, get the best education – but what good is all of it if the planet is uninhabitable?

Meanwhile, here in the United States, it’s as if there’s no tomorrow. The current administration has diligently been undoing what protections there were, promoting further plunder and destruction of the earth rather than reining it in. ‘Leadership’ across the board had steadfastly ignored the issue, even as California burns and hurricane devastation gets swept under the rug. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. There’s pockets to line, don’t you know.

Here’s hoping the Extinction Rebellion gets more traction, migrates, and results in real action to compassionately safeguard our planet to the extent that we humans can. This is everyone’s problem. We can all be rebels for Life.