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look up

For you the stars shimmer and dance in the blueblack sky if you would but once look up to the heavens and see them. The shooting star traces its exuberant arc but you never see it your wish unmade. Your … Continue reading

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rights and privileges

Yesterday, I found myself in the midst of a group of people anxious to see Bernie Sanders #RunBernieRun for 2020. They had gathered at a local bar to watch a livestream hosted by a grassroots entity,  Organizing For Bernie. They happily … Continue reading

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I cut along between some apartment buildings, briefly noticing an angular, skinny guy on the far side of the building before the building comes between us. I keep walking. Grey sky. Michigan winter. I pull my jacket zipper up snug … Continue reading

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cogs in the machine

Just watching things happen in the world is really not enough. We are flooded with information day after day after day. It is fruitless to allow ourselves to be simply overpowered by the sheer relentless, unceasing bulk of it, and … Continue reading

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tracks made

Christmas happened, and now the focus shifts to the new year. The news media helpfully supplies us with recaps ad infinitum of what went down in 2018. It isn’t pretty, either. Nevertheless, they will rush us along toward Times Square … Continue reading

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a bigger picture

As a vegan, it is my policy to tread gently with others. I have been where they are – for most of my life. I understand that the concept can feel weird, uncomfortable, and threatening. At the same time, I … Continue reading

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World Kindness Day is coming up on Tuesday, November 13. While this is a day bringing focus to various initiatives around the world, it can also be a day to give focus in one’s personal life. Hopefully, we all try … Continue reading

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