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this day

as the birds warble me awakeinto the yet dark birth of a new dayi slowly pull away from already forgotten dreamsand the mantle of anxieties begins to weave around me i watch as the light comesand the birds cease their … Continue reading

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end of the road

End of the road —so make your ownwhatever it takes. Or, better yet,take no road at all,abandon them altogether. But travel still,soundless, breaking nothingincluding yourself for once. Each leaf and twigundisturbedas you make your way. Beyond the end of the … Continue reading

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compassion, respect, dignity

In these times of fear, worry, and stress, it is really more important than ever that we demonstrate compassion, respect, and dignity. It helps us all if we can do that. So it makes me sad when I read or … Continue reading

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just questions

What becomes of children raised in a society laser-focused on fear and separation? What becomes of people in the context of ever-deepening loss of community, connection, and culture? What happens when people lose their personal privacy, integrity, and decision-making? What … Continue reading

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vocation of angels

I have had a few angels in my life. I have some right now, I suppose.  I imagine that the loved ones I have lost must be very, very busy in the next life. It’s rather ridiculous to imagine they … Continue reading

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compassionate new year :)!

Perhaps 2021 can be the year we begin to build in earnest our own compassionate culture. After 2020’s time of introspection, its heavy dosing of fear, its many questions, lessons, and losses, maybe we can feel empowered to build something … Continue reading

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we deserve better

Hell, yeah. It was a breath of fresh air to see first Tulsi Gabbard and now, yes, even Donald Trump, call out and expose the supposed Covid relief bill Congress pushed through. If it wasn’t already apparent, the approval of … Continue reading

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go ahead, change the world

As we all watch our leaders in Washington struggle, yet again, to bring themselves to serve the people instead of, say, defense contractors, who can help but wonder what we can do.  As we watch even the progressive “squad” demur … Continue reading

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I look up to the skyand feel my heart opento the birds silently wingingso full of grace and purpose in their mission I notice the treeswhere the squirrels rambleplayful, elfin they melt my heart into a smile On the mountain paththe … Continue reading

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2021: let’s choose health

The new year approaches. It’s the perfect time for all of us to collectively choose a new year’s resolution. What if we all agreed that 2021 is the year we get healthy? It’s not complicated. For the most part, it’s … Continue reading

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