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this day

as the birds warble me awakeinto the yet dark birth of a new dayi slowly pull away from already forgotten dreamsand the mantle of anxieties begins to weave around me i watch as the light comesand the birds cease their … Continue reading

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fourth estate

I don’t know about you, but, for me, the news, even as it dominates our daily lives, has become absolutely worthless. It’s become nonstop coverage of government, government figures, government data, government posturing, government restrictions, government policing, government cover-ups, government … Continue reading

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just questions

What becomes of children raised in a society laser-focused on fear and separation? What becomes of people in the context of ever-deepening loss of community, connection, and culture? What happens when people lose their personal privacy, integrity, and decision-making? What … Continue reading

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the threads are carefully snippedone by one.what remains begins to fray.the fibers spindle downto nothing,the weave coming apartuntil itjustdisappears. the earth still spins its dance.the moon laughs.the sun ever nursesthe forest floor,the moss,all the tendrils of lifepushing upwhere forgotten fibers brew … Continue reading

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chance #WritePhoto

Leaning over the rail, I look down into the water — the bird nesting in the reeds, the turtles sunning on the half-submerged limb. The greening and growing around me hiss with life. I am almost startled by your whisper … Continue reading

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open like the sky

My heart is soft toward so many things. My heart opens like the sky for butterflies, or purring cats and smiling dogs, for the wind in the trees, for children in their tears or laughter or deep concentration, for strangers … Continue reading

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the hand in the work

The stitches in a quilt made by hand speak out loud. They document a story, or at least some portion of a story. The threads are the evidence of individual effort – of a person’s intention, their hand hovering over … Continue reading

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I cut along between some apartment buildings, briefly noticing an angular, skinny guy on the far side of the building before the building comes between us. I keep walking. Grey sky. Michigan winter. I pull my jacket zipper up snug … Continue reading

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Smiles are pretty awesome. They generally come to us spontaneously, a happy, observable expression of joy or pleasure or contentment. A genuine smile touches anyone on the receiving end, too, usually evoking a similar response of happiness or pleasure. Good … Continue reading

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I am ever and always becoming. I may reach a plateau and coast for awhile, but apparently this is just the universe’s way of giving me a little breather. Then, the next lesson starts. Except it’s not a new lesson, … Continue reading

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