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dreams must be

The early morning, still dark and star-strewn, makes the space for dreams — the wisps of the inscrutable ones begging to be deciphered, and, too, the waking dreams of substance, dreams of the heart, the aphrodisiac of aliveness.  These are … Continue reading

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open wide the doors

open wide the doorsthis one and this one and this oneand don’t forget that oneopen them wide, fling them, waste no timenothing is forbidden. you don’t even rememberwhat you left inside thereyou can’t quite recallthe delight the surprisethe warmth of … Continue reading

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getting lost

I would be lostin that placewhere we meetwhere all of possibility shows itself,trembles with anticipated joy,rests untroubled by anxious dreams. I am lostin that placeunder the star-strewn embrace,floating on the wind,snaking like a vine wrapped around the branches of a singing … Continue reading

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before the light comes

The birds begin to sing before the light comes. The voices reach me through the windows opened to the soft rustles and creaks of the dark hours. They pierce the magic time of furtive shadows, clear and urgent and free. … Continue reading

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the power of dreams

A man told me a story once. Jack was in a wheelchair, having suffered an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He told me that, after his accident, he became profoundly depressed. A therapist asked him to … Continue reading

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