the companion

Almost becalmed, the boat tiptoed through the ripples. The sails hung listless in the silence. Water stretched away in every direction to the horizon, empty of other souls.

Alone on the boat, she became aware that she was not unaccompanied. She couldn’t help but recognize and respect the rules and the whims of wind and water, nature itself.

Finally, she felt, more than heard, the susurrus of the pennant on the backstay gently answering a flutter of breeze. It gave no hint of the wild storm that would visit in the dark of night. 

No matter, she would be ready.


100 words

Thank you, Eugenia, at Eugi’s Causerie, for this week’s prompt, “flutter”!


Photo courtesy of Eugi’s Causerie

The strains of the old song wafted out over the streetside cafe. Maddie couldn’t help herself.

“Oh, we have to dance!” she trilled, eyes sparkling.

“What? Here? Now?” Peter laughed. Still, he, too, could feel the pull of the song. How, after all, could he resist Maddie’s entreaty?

Maddie rose, pulling Peter up towards her. They melded into a gentle, slow swaying dance, meandering among the tables, oblivious to the startled onlookers. A waitress gently skirted them to bring an order out. 

The song came to a close. The couple looked up, surprised, as the cafe erupted in happy applause. 


Thank you, Eugenia, at Eugi’s Causerie, for this happy prompt, “dance,” and the accompanying photo (apologies for using just a portion)!


i am the gossamer cloud
in the endless blue sky

the green of spring reaching
out of the soil

i am the cat
curled up in the sun

i am the worry on your brow
the kiss on your lips

i am the seeds of the dandelion
blown with a wish

i am the word unspoken
the earth under your heel

i am the burnt embers of the fire
the blur of the slow dance

i am the leaf caught by the breeze
alighting on the laughing brook


Another delightful prompt from Eugi’s Causerie. Many thanks, Eugenia.

potential energy

maybe you remember
standing close
but not too close
smiling, laughing,
knowing each other just enough
to feel almost afraid
tremulous with
our unspoken longing.
people all around us we couldn’t see
beyond our syncopated hearts
bantering and flirting.

i looked away a moment
and suddenly
felt your soft, playful touch,
a gentle tickle,
taking me by surprise.
i whirled around 
eyes alight,
meeting yours,
that sparkling heartbeat
stealing my breath.

but i wonder now
that we two still spin
in the reaches 
of our lonely galaxies.
we might glow
a singular orb
but for
the harnesses of our wounds.
perhaps, who knows,
the comet yet roams
the wild deep skies.


Many thanks to Eugi’s Causerie for this week’s prompt, “playful.”

the fort

we crawled inside
our makeshift tent
a castle
of dreams and wishes

sheets and blankets
stretched across kitchen chairs
anchored here and there
with books and boots

provisioned with
flashlights and pillows
the precious teddy bear
our favorite picture book

giggling underneath
the drooping canopy
we hid out —
worlds and worlds away 

would that we could
build that castle now
a happy fortress
of unbounded possibilities


Grateful to Eugi’s Causerie for the prompt, “canopy.”