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inner tabby

inside you hold the wild your dance so fierce with joy that leaps and flies among the clouds alive ###

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I walk out to the middle of the field. Like a little kid, I plop down into the cool grass and sprawl out on my back. I just lie there, looking up at the sky.  It’s one of those super-blue … Continue reading

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air to breathe

Somedays I get a little frantic because it’s like I can’t breathe, there’s just no air to breathe. I want to see the sky, the whole big sky from end to end and no end at all. Buildings and shadows … Continue reading

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the well-read cat

There is nothing my wonderful best friend cat likes better than to curl up with me and a good book, or even a mediocre book. As long as he can comfortably situate himself, Tippy’s reading appetite is nothing short of … Continue reading

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this day

as the birds warble me awakeinto the yet dark birth of a new dayi slowly pull away from already forgotten dreamsand the mantle of anxieties begins to weave around me i watch as the light comesand the birds cease their … Continue reading

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milky way

summer approaches with the promise of those immense night skies strewn with stars dancing swirling  sweeping me up into their inscrutable embrace ### Many thanks to Eugie’s Causerie for the inspiration! “swirling”

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dreams must be

The early morning, still dark and star-strewn, makes the space for dreams — the wisps of the inscrutable ones begging to be deciphered, and, too, the waking dreams of substance, dreams of the heart, the aphrodisiac of aliveness.  These are … Continue reading

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up aheadjust around that curveit’s not fari know it’s scaryi’m going with you i know we can do itwe have tojust set all that stuff downleave it behindlet’s go here, take my hand

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descent into depravity

Yesterday, the United States almost had its first federal execution since 2003. The scheduled execution was halted by a last minute ruling that questioned whether the intended pentobarbital method constituted cruel and unusual punishment. Late yesterday, the Supreme Court expedited … Continue reading

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independence day

Strange times. Here we are celebrating Independence Day during a period of ever-deepening loss of freedom.  The celebration commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. A key selection from the revered document simply asserts: We … Continue reading

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