in that desperate state of erasure
to be seen,
to have all the precious contours
of both body and mind
seemingly espied
by an undistracted gaze,
suddenly feeling the breath
of the horizonless moment,
curiosity prickling open throttle,
at last, at last allows
the igniting of the pulse
to beat itself to life once more 


Thank you so much, Eugenia, at Eugi’s Causerie, for the much-needed inspiration I found in your prompt, “magic.”


magic happened
that tender night
you took me by surprise
and swept me off my feet

high over the dark hills
dancing with the twinkling stars
an evening designed to delight
romanced to perfection

eyes alight with our smiles
coming soul to soul
captured wholly by the fleeting moment
a dream that love could be


Happily grateful to Eugie’s Causerie for this week’s prompt, “magic.”