sign of spring

protected by the throng
of spring’s urgent leaves and wayward branches
the scent of the lilacs
surrounding us
we two almost surprised to be alone
under the moon’s knowing eye

I climb into the swing
my long hair trailing
as I lean way back
thrusting my feet forward
abandoned to the air
laughing softly in the dark

the swing slows
you stand in front of me
coming near
taking hold of my hands on the ropes
as I come, shivering, to my feet

you press close
until we lean together
into the swing holding us
my breath shallow
feeling all the rush and tumble of me
of this first kiss
intoxicating in the lilacs’ embrace
awash in the mystic moonlight
of the orb’s fond gaze


Many thanks to Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda at Go Dog Go Cafe for the inspiration of today’s writing prompt “mystic moonlight.”



Super tired this evening, but I made myself lace up and get out the door anyway. The brimming moon showed itself as I made my slow progress, filling me with a happy wonder. Here and there the autumn leaves lit up the trees. The cool air soothed.

My thoughts loosed and flew free under that big moon. So much to see, to feel – and to think I would have missed it if I had given in to my fatigue and shuttered myself in for the evening. 

By the way, it’s not quite a full moon – that happens on Oct. 24. Turns out it’s called the Hunter’s Moon, so named for shedding light on autumn prey.

This also happens to be the time of the Orionid meteor showers. Gotta love those shooting stars!

So many amazing things out there in the universe, if we just take the time to look.