hey, it’s a start anyway


New Year’s Eve day we had reports of a snowstorm moving in. So, that morning, I am happy to say that I did get out and on the move, hoping to beat the storm. During the first mile, I began to feel the cold pings of sleet, but forged on. It picked up, but never got overwhelming. It turned out to be a great, invigorating run.

The snow didn’t materialize according to schedule. First, there was the long, steady sleet, and eventually it was rain. At a couple of points, it was actually raining pretty hard, with puddles and all. It wasn’t until late in the evening when the rain finally turned to snow. That, of course, meant ice.

I had originally planned to participate in an organized hike on New Year’s morning, one of those First Day Hikes, at a place I had never before visited.  When morning actually arrived, however, it was pretty clear the roads were really too treacherous to get to the starting point. 

Nevertheless, I still made myself venture out on foot. It was a tentative, careful exploration. It was indeed very icy everywhere.

I slowly headed for one of my familiar routes nearby and I just walked, rather mincingly. I knew running was out of the question, but I carefully and gradually picked up a little speed. Most of the time, I crunched my way through the grass since the sidewalks and the roads were really not safe.

I crossed paths with a couple of teens who were delighted to discover just how slippery it was out. They weren’t making much headway, and one took a tumble, but they were getting a good laugh out of it.

All in all, I covered about five miles, albeit with much retracing of steps – happily meditative. I noticed my own footprints as I came upon them, and felt that apparently I actually had made my mark, if ephemeral, on the world.

My New Year’s outing wasn’t fast, but it was good. It made a cheerful compromise, in keeping with my plans for the new year. Staying in motion is so important for my physical and mental/emotional health.

I consider it a good start to 2019.

revelry and resolutions


New Year’s Eve. Revelry accompanied by hopeful resolutions.

When I was a kid, we always put a cabbage on the table overnight, with silver coins. This apparently ensured that we would have both food and money for the coming year. At midnight, we all went out in the street in our pajamas with every pot and pan from the kitchen and made as much noise as we could.

Although my routine now might actually still include the cabbage, more important to me is the clarifying of intentions. These are broad intentions, not the oft-recommended specific goal-setting resolutions.

They boil down to just a few areas.

Take care of my physical self: Eat well, run/walk, rest.

Allow my creative self: Write. Sew. Ink. Draw. Wherever it goes.

Be my loving self:  Nurture relationships. Nurture community. Stand by my compassion for others and the earth.

Enjoy life: Be with loved ones. Hike. Read more books just for fun. Kayak. Explore. Watch the stars and the birds. Unrushed coffee actually sitting down at the local cafe. Like that.

I usually pick a word for the year, too. This year, I’ve picked three:

Wonder. Love. Joy.

How about you?